September 10, 2015

Point A


For the last several decades, Information Technology has focused on operational efficiency – cutting the cost of doing business. It was characterized by on-premise servers, siloed databases, and tools to create documents. Spreadsheets were used heavily to bridge the gap between the available database reports and the information you needed. Obtaining KPIs at least a month old was acceptable

Technology changed. On premise computing couldn’t keep up. Cloud computing brought reliability, security, scalability, flexibility and lower cost. Social Media held a natural allure for membership organizations. But, change is hard. Making it even harder, the tech advisors you entrusted to get you to this point, may not be able to take you further.

Executive Director’s feeling out of their wheelhouse when it comes to matters of technology, have delegated technology decisions. The availability, reliability, scalability and security of public cloud platforms along with the substantial reduction in maintenance and support they offer, has many traditional IT advisors fearing for their livelihoods.

Delegating the move to the cloud to traditional IT people is like putting the crew running the boiler and steam turbine in charge of electrifying a factory.

– Andrew McAfee, HBR